Growth Factors in Healing

Here at 3rd South Dental, we are dedicated to going above and beyond to help you achieve a healthy mouth and smile. One of the ways our dentists and team do this is by offering growth factors to aid in healing following treatment. To learn more about growth factors in healing in Salt Lake City, Utah, or to make an appointment with Dr. Andrew Theurer or Dr. Cameron Call, give us a call at 801-355-0380!

Growth factors are natural proteins within your blood that can stimulate the healing responses and the growth of specific tissues. Our dentists will typically recommend an application of these growth factors following major dental procedures, such as a tooth extraction or other oral surgery procedure. Growth factors use the natural factors in your blood to clot and stop bleeding, speeding up your healing process and helping you feel more comfortable. Growth factors also promote bone tissue growth, helping to create a strong foundation for dental implants.

Other benefits of growth factors include:

  • Improved overall tissue regeneration
  • Reduced chance of swelling
  • Reduced need to take antibiotics to prevent infection
  • Significantly decreased risk of infection following treatment

We invite you to contact our team for more information about how growth factors can benefit your dental health and to schedule a consultation with our dentists.